HOLA Refund & Resend Policy

Updated 2022/06/27

The policy is for Hangzhou YuzhouBaba Trading Co., Ltd. ( Official website: www.holadropshipping.com ) users who have problems with the order, product and package. 
HOLA makes an effort to provide the best service for all users. To better solve the return and refund issue, please view the following content.

  • Please provide:
    A. Photos/videos of the damaged item. 
    B. Screenshots of the dispute, which include name, date, order number, tracking number and content. For example, a customer complaint/dispute raises through PayPal Dispute, e-mail, chat window, etc..
  • Deadline:
    Customers need to inquire within 60 days after parcels are dispatched. If the time is overdue, no inquiry and compensation will be provided.
    For example: if we dispatched order on Oct 1, 2022, and If you have an order issue, you need to file a dispute before Dec 1, 2022. After the date, the package information will be expired.
  • 30 Days Guarantee:
    For most of countries, if the last tracking info has not updated for more than 30 days. Please contact us ASAP, we will double check with carrier first, then we can apply for refund or resend for you.
  • Cancellation:
    We accept order cancellation before the product is shipped or produced. If the order is canceled you will get a full refund. We cannot cancel the order if the product is already shipped out. 
    Notice: POD order. We will not refund you for the product is customized.

Refundable Conditions

HOLA offers a full refund if the order delays. It will be counted from the date that the package leaves our warehouse.

a. For orders shipped to the USA, European countries, New Zealand, Canada, we will refund if the last tracking info has not updated for more than 30 days. During busy season, more than 40 days, such as Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas, etc..

Notice: US remote areas
U.S. Alaska, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, Guam these areas are remote areas, so the delivery time will be longer than other areas. Only China Post is available.

b. For orders shipped to South America, Middle East, India, Africa, we will refund if the total shipping time more than 60 days.

c. Orders delay caused by delivery pending, such as an insufficient address, package unclaimed, inability to contact the customer, etc., we will not refund you.
If the parcels have arrived at the nearest post office and pending. We will offer local tracking numbers, then clients can contact local post office or go to the post office to pick up.

d. In unforeseen situation, such as epidemics etc, the date will be different. Please pay attention to our notification email and message.

HOLA offers a full refund or a replacement if packages arrived are badly damaged.

HOLA offers a partial refund (10%-30% of the product price) or a replacement if packages arrived are partially damaged (thread, slightly wrinkled, small scratches etc.).

For damaged packing boxes, we will not provide any refund or other after-sales service due to long-distance international transportation.

For ordinary products, your customer should complain or dispute with you within 5 days (VIP: 7 days) after the package is delivered.

For electronic products, your customer should complain or dispute with you within 10 days (VIP: 14 days) after the package is delivered.

HOLA has a strict quality control standard. We will check every product before delivery.

For incorrect products, we will offer a full refund or resend.

For missing products, we will offer a partial refund or resend.

You don't need to return the incorrect product. We will refund or resend the right one to you.
If you have any questions about size, please provide photos of the measurement. Make sure that you measure the item in the correct method. You can send the result to our customer service and we will deal with it asap.

HOLA offers a full refund or resend if the package is lost during the delivery.

Not Refundable Conditions

HOLA will not offer a refund or resend if the tracking info shows order delivered.

For a delivered package, if the recipient reports that the package has not been received, please ask the recipient to contact the local post office for verification, or the recipient can contact the local post office to issue a certificate of unsigned receipt with an official seal to our company to apply for compensation.

If the package is unclaimed, it will be destroyed by the local carrier within 48 hours.

HOLA will not offer a refund or resend if the tracking info alerts.

The following reasons may cause the alert:

a. Incorrect/insufficient Address
b. Refused Package
c. Customs Clearance
d. Non-Existing Number
e. Unknown Recipient
f. Do not Pick up in time
g. No Safe Delivery Location.

The local couriers will deliver 1-3 times according to the actual situation. If it is still unclaimed during the delivery period, it will be returned to the local post office for storage within 3-7 days. We will inform you to pick up parcels ASAP. Otherwise, the parcel will be returned to the sender overseas warehouse. During the return period, we will not bear any responsibility if the product is lost.

If you do not process the undelivered order in time, and the package is automatically destroyed by the overseas warehouse due to the overdue date, we will not be able to refund or resend it.

Basic process for re-delivery services:
First, some packages will be returned to the local post office first, and we will notify the customer to contact the post office to pick up the package;

Second, the package may be stored in the local post office for 3-7 days. If the customer does not pick up the package in time, the package will be returned to the overseas warehouse;

Third, when the package is returned to the overseas warehouse (the overall time is at least two or three weeks), we will notify the customer to re-delivery, and the customer must provide correct and detailed address, contact information within the specified time. Re-delivery fee is required.

Note: ①The package will only be returned to the overseas warehouse, not to China, because the logistics and labor costs are relatively expensive.

②The package will only be kept for a week or two in the overseas warehouse, and it will be automatically destroyed when it expires. Because overseas warehouses have expensive storage fees and labor costs.


HOLA does not suggest you return products. Because the international shipping cost is high and it takes several months to arrive at China Warehouse. Most of them will be lost during the return. Also, most of the returned products will be damaged on the way.

If you urge to return the product, please pay attention to the following aspects:

a. You need to return the product within 7 days after receiving it.
b. The product is in good condition and does not affect the secondary sales.
c. You need to pay the shipping cost.
d. You can only return the product to our China warehouse.
e. If you've returned the product, please send the tracking number to our customer service.

Unacceptable Disputes

a. Force Majeure

HOLA will deny the dispute of any product damaged or shipping delay caused by the act of God, epidemic situation, international situation, strike, war, earthquake, flood, virus, storm, heavy snow, customs inspection etc..

b. The buyer does not like it.

c. The product description is not real.

d. Products smell unusual.

e. Product difference has been negotiated in advance.

f. The buyer ordered the wrong product or SKU.

HOLA always makes an effort to provide the best service. If you have any other questions, please feel
free to contact us at Email: support@holadropshipping.com



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