How to Place Orders on HOLA?

Last Edited: 2022/8/15

There are two ways to place orders on HOLA:

1. Place Automatic Dropshipping Orders.

Note: Please make sure you have authorized your shopify store, connected your store products with HOLA products, then your store orders will be sycned to HOLA automatically.

a. Go to Unpaid Orders Awaiting Process Cart Order

Under Awaiting Process, you can check/update orders info, select shipping methods (The system automatically matches the logistics method with the lowest price.),select bulk orders and click add to cart;

(Canceled Orders: if you select Awaiting Process orders to Cancel, the orders will be turned to Canceled Orders, Canceled Orders can not be re-process, only can be deleted forever.)

(Unconnected Orders: if your store products have not connected with HOLA products, Orders can not be processed, please connect products first)

b. Select Cart Orders Pay Paid Orders

Under Cart Orders, you can select bulk orders and click pay. Paid successfully, Orders will be turned to Paid Orders automatically. HOLA team will do all the rest for you

(Payment Pending: Orders have not paid yet or pay failed, you can re-pay or cancel. If you click cancel, orders will be back to Cart Orders)





2. Place Manual Excel or CSV Orders

If you do not have a store or website connected with our platform, you can import orders via Excel or CSV files.

Here are the general steps.

a. Log into your HOLA account > Unpaid Orders > Awaiting Process > Import Order.

b. Click "Download" to download template.

c. Fill in the order details.

d. Go back to Awaiting Process > Imported Order > Upload the edited Excel.


① Order Number = the order number from your store.

② YZ SKU: As for products with variants, please make sure the variants are included in the SKU.
For example: YZ202208141003-rose instead of YZ202208141003.

③ Once imported successfully, orders can be found in Awaiting Process and you can click "Add to Cart" to pay.



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